Speech-Language Pathologists Improving Communication

The Coleman Therapy Center (CTC) is mainly a pediatric therapy

center that provides speech and language diagnostics and therapy.

We believe in cutting edge therapies to help all children. 


CTC therapists provide evaluations and therapy for children with

varying disabilities and disorders ranging from apraxia and autism

to syndromes and traumatic brain injuries. CTC therapists are

trained in a variety of treatment approaches like PROMPT (Hayden),

The Listening Program (ABT), Floortime (Greenspan), and Soma

Mukhopadhyay's Rapid Prompting Method (RPM).


CTC is also happy to offer the Lindamood Bell, Barton Reading &

Spelling, Wilson, and Orton-Gillingham reading programs for

struggling readers and dyslexia.

CTC therapists understand the importance of families in the

successful rehabilitation of childhood disorders.  Therefore, CTC

invites family involvement in all of our therapies.  


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                              COLEMAN THERAPY CENTER LOCATIONS:

14701 Lee Highway                                                          10467 White Granite Drive      

Suite 305                                                                         Suite 307

Centreville, VA 20121                                                        Oakton, VA 22124