About The Coleman Therapy Center


CTC is owned and directed by Catherine B. Coleman, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist.  Catherine has owned SPEAC, LLC, Speech Pathology, Education and Consulting for 10 years. 

Catherine is a former George Washington University Clinical Supervisor and Adjunct Professor.  Classes taught by Catherine were Voice and Diction, Language Disorders and Development, Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing, Augmentative and Alternative Communication methods and a weekly clinical seminar. 

Catherine believes that families play a crucial role in the therapeutic process.  Families are always encouraged to join in therapy sessions when appropriate and typically receive a full explanation why certain therapies are used and how these can be reinforced in the home environment. 

All of the CTC therapists attend continuing education programs on the therapies which are supported by research and evidence-based practice.  All therapy treatment plans are individualized to meet the needs of each child and typically contain a family/home plan to ensure skill generalization.



Ashley earned a bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and a master's degree in Speech Language Pathology from James Madison University.  She has worked in public schools for children presenting with language, articulation, and fluency disorders.  She has experience treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Intellectual Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities as well as those requiring augmentative/alternative communication (AAC).  She enjoys working closely with families, teachers, and other therapists regarding treatment plans and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).  Ashley lives in Reston, Virginia.



Melissa has gained experience through working in the private practice setting, within the Arlington County Public Schools system, at a private school for special needs children, and through various camps.  Melissa enjoys working with a wide variety of children, expecially those with Autism, Down Syndrome, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, developmental disabilities, expressive and receptive language delays/disorders, articulation disorders, and reading disabilities.  Melissa lives in Warrenton, Virginia with her family.



Jennifer has always been interested in language and communication.  She earned a bachelor's degree in English from Indiana University and a master's degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Maryland.

Jennifer has worked in private schools for children with emotional, behavorial, and learning challenges, as well as in private practice.  She has experience working with children of all ages who demonstrate difficulties in the areas of articulation, motor planning, receptive and expressive language, executive functioning, reading, and spelling.  She believes in a team approach to treatment, involving families, teachers, and other professionals whenever appropriate.

Jennifer believes that speech and language therapy should be efficient, functional, and fun.  She currently lives in Leesburg, Virginia with her husband and four children.



Beulah is a native of Miami.  She graduated from Johnson C. Smith University with a B.A. in Communication Arts (Broadcast Journalism) and earned a master's degree in Speech and Hearing Science from The Ohio State University. Beulah is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).  She holds a license to practice in Virginia, but has practiced in DC and Texas as well.

Beulah's passion for speech and language centers around her love for helping individuals to become more effective communicators.  For some this means gaining verbal speech, for others it is learning to use an alternative means of communication.  No matter the mode, she loves being able to help individuals express their needs and desires. Beulah is an avid reader and enjoys helping clients discover and access the written word.  In her 17 years as a Speech Language Pathologist, she has worked with clients from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds in the public school systems of VA, DC and TX, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, private home-based therapy, and early intervention.  In these settings, she has served in the capacity of a treating therapist and as a clinical supervisor for early intervention.  Beulah has worked with clients with various syndromes and diagnoses, treating for a variety of disorders including articulation, language delays, phonological processing disorders, cognitive delays, strokes, and traumatic brain injuries.  Beulah's vast experience enables her to easily relate to clients and adapt treatments to their specific needs.  Beulah lives in Northern VA with her husband and basketball loving son.



Katie is a native of Northern Virginia.  She graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. Ed in Communication Disorders and earned her Masters in Speech Language Pathology from George Washington University.  Katie completed her BCBA through study at the University of North Texas.  Katie is certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and is licensed to practice in Virginia.

Katie specializes in developmental and intellectual disabilities and was the former director of Speech-language Pathology at the Northern Virginia Training center.  Katie has provided speech-language pathology services for the past 13 years in a variety of settings including public and private schools, private practice, home health and long-term care.  Katie holds certification in the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).  She has treated children and adults with dysphagia, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ASD, dyslexia, language learning disorders, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and many other neuro-biological disorders.  Katie's expertise in communiication and behavior allows her to combine basic principles of human behavior to her speech interventions maximizing results and increasing independence for her clients. Katie lives in Reston, Virginia with her family.



Lauren has worked in special education for a decade, with a focus on people with autism.  She has led social skills education at the postsecondary and high school level.  She believes in meeting students where they are and in helping them to build the skills each individual needs to grow.  Her work with teenagers and young adults gives her a unique perspective to identifying the skills younger students will need to succeed.  She has been evaluating and adapting curriculum for younger students.  

Lauren has worked with countless professionals in the special education field; SLPs, ABA specialists, curriculum specialists, vision teachers, OTs, PTs and others, allowing her to understand the need to realize the whole child.  Her MEd coursework has focused on autism studies and adapted curriculum.  Both her undergraduate degree in English and MEd (in progress) are from George Mason University.  She lives in Centreville, Virginia with her daughter and a bunch of cats.


NOW HIRING:  Licensed speech-language pathologist with a passion for working with children and adults.  Contact us for more information.